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Sunday 7 June 2020

  • 10:30 - 12:00
  • Focus Uke
  • Focus Tori
  • Feddback Finale

ON-LINE Lessons on Zoom

The arrival of COVID-19 made mediated lessons very popular among Aikido practitioners. In fact, from the very beginning I have been working to create online lessons and meetings for practitioners and teachers.

The mediated lessons are different from ordinary lessons, for this reason: they have been designed and conceived specifically for online teaching.

Among the advantages, one is certainly the possibility to meet, get to know and study with teachers and practitioners from all over the world without moving from our living room, with immediate savings in terms of travel time and costs.

I am convinced that mediated lessons will never replace live lessons, but I am equally certain that they can complement them very well.

These meetings encompass various types of lessons: technical lessons, weapons and bare-handed lessons, theoretical lessons, in-depth lessons and discussions. In addition, at the end of each meeting there is time to exchange feedback and to ask questions.

During these meetings I found interest also from practitioners from other countries, so I divided the lessons into 3 groups: lessons in Italian, in English and in French.

Join the community

The lessons are open to practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. They are not stylistic lessons.

Who can participate?

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate students
  • Advanced students
  • Teachers

The lessons are open to practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. They are not stylistic lessons.

What will I need for the lesson?

  • The free Zoom App (you can find a download link in the registration email)
  • A Yoga mat (recommended)
  • Uno spazio, al chiuso o all'aperto, in cui potersi muovere a corpo libero e con le armi

In maniera sussidiaria potremo utilizzare cuscini, asciugamani arrotolati, ciabatte o altri oggetti di uso domestico.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and you will receive a confirmation email where I will explain how to install the FREE Zoom Meeting App.

You will receive an email with the access codes and you will be ready to follow the Aikido Online lesson.

How much does it cost?

“Aikido Virtual Class” lessons are FREE for all participants.

fabio ramazzin aikido in salotto ikkyo omote taijutsu

Alcuni testimonianze dei partecipanti...

"Aikido Virtual Class"

I had the good fortune to meet master Fabio Ramazzin during the quarantine for the covid-19 because he was one of the Italian teachers who made themselves available with online teaching for practitioners all over Italy and more. Fabio is a fantastic person with great technical knowledge and a cheerful disposition that makes him into a friend within a very short time. The lessons with him were very interesting and his teaching method, based on a detailed and simple explanation of the techniques, is suitable also for beginners. His great helpfulness, his knowledge and his excellent character make him in my opinion one of the best Italian teachers.
Marco Carella, istruttore Shinken Aikido Palermo

"Passionate Teacher"

I participated in two virtual classes with Fabio Sensei and what can I say ... in both of them, despite the distance and the "virtuality" of the lessons, he was very good at finding exercises for us to practice and at following us. A professional but first and foremost an enthusiast capable of transmitting his passion.
Vito Degirolamo

Let's recap...

To participate in the online Aikido mediated lesson you’ll need:

  • The free Zoom App (you can find a download link in the registration email)
  • A Yoga mat (recommended)
  • A jo or ken (or a similar tool)

Do you have any questions?

Call me

  • +39 329 876 3992

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